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November 18
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Practical information based on real case studies with impressive results
Insights and secrets of successful influencer marketing campaigns
Influencer marketing trends to watch in 2022
How to amplify your influencer marketing campaign with paid promos
Everything you need to know about TikTok Ads
Dima Tantsiura
Business Development Director for AIR Brands
Dima has worked with BBC Ukraine, Lactalis, Jooble, TeQatlas, and BCD Kazakhstan and knows how to use influencer marketing to meet your company's goals.

During the meetup, Dima will share successful examples of using influencer marketing, YouTube and TikTok campaigns, and cross-platform solutions for our clients, international brands such as Nestle, Avon, iHerb, Henkel, McDonald's, and Samsung.
15+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing (including Influencer Marketing)
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